Çimsa meets the product and service needs of its customers in full and in a timely manner with its market-oriented approach and wide distribution network. Providing the required materials for living areas and infrastructures reaching to next generations as a reliable business partner of its shareholders, Çimsa is also leading the Turkish cement and building materials industry in terms of innovation with its special products such as white cement and calcium aluminate cement which it produces in addition to grey cement.

Çimsa serves for its customers with the new product development, customer support and technical marketing activities offered by Cement Research and Application Center.

Çimsa provides the necessary services demanded by the ready-mixed customers with competent and adequate number of staff, vehicle tracking system, communication network, and computer-based shipment program as well as with Central Shipment System integrated into cement plants in different locations.

In addition to Çimsa Central Shipment System, which is the first in the Turkish Ready-Mixed Concrete sector, another first in the country, advance order receiving service via the short message (SMS) compatible with mobile phones was put into service in July 2011. All concrete orders can be received via telephone, telefax and short messages.



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