Our Integrated Management System Policy

For the purpose of creating value for all our stakeholders as a company that produces quick solutions for rapidly changing global conditions and the different needs of our customers and employees with its products and services developed in collaboration with our business partners to make growth sustainable;

We are committed to being an international cement and construction materials company leading the industry for a habitable world, together with employees and stakeholders with a customer-oriented mindset, based on the principles of life cycle, sustainable development and continuous improvement, to:

  • Provide a healthy, safe, and sustainable working environment by using safe equipment and appropriate technology within the business boundaries of employees, service providers, and visitors at all stages of our activities
  • Investigate any work and environmental accidents, occupational diseases, and unsafe situations, behaviors and near-misses and take actions to avoid repeating incidents, allocate resources, make and implement plans, and improve all processes,
  • Build an engaging work environment for all our employees and those who are in contact with our company,
  • Create an environment to allow our employees to submit their wishes and requests to the senior management through our employee representatives whenever they need to,
  • Ensure that our products are in compliance with standards, have high safety and quality to live up to the needs and expectations of our customers, and ensure continuous customer satisfaction,
  • Allocate resources to obtain quality input from safe resources,
  • Improve the qualifications of our human resources through training,
  • Establish effective communication channels to understand and respond to customer expectations quickly and to address customer suggestions, complaints, and feedback in a transparent, objective, and confidential way and provide solutions,
  • Preserve ecological balance and natural resources,
  • Increase the use of alternative raw materials and alternative fuels to minimize the use of natural resources,
  • Monitor and transparently report greenhouse gases for the fight against global climate change,
  • Make the necessary designs to improve energy performance and use energy efficiently, choosing high-efficiency equipment for purchases that affect the energy in investments and other projects,
  • Become a sustainable company considering the needs and expectations of its stakeholders,
  • Comply with the requirement of national and international laws, legislation, standards, and regulations,
  • Act in line with the conditions of our Integrated Management System and achieve our goals, following new technologies and developments and aiming at digitalization in all our processes.
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