Occupational Health and Safety

Being aware of the fact that it is a member of a challenging sector where work-related accidents are experienced, Çimsa plans its works in the field ofOccupational Health and Safety. The most important responsibility brought forward by this awareness is to protect the health of company's most precious assets, that is its employees and the facility visitors and to ensure their safety. As a result of the intensive works, trainings made and measures taken with this understanding, Çimsa succeeded to decrease accident frequency rates to a considerable degree in all fields of activity.

Çimsa workers know that there are two important factors to achieve the target of zero accident in occupational health and safety.


  1. Taking the measures necessary in the work environment, that is, eliminating UNSAFE CASES,
  2. Performing works for the employees to allow them to internalize and take into consideration the Occupational Health and Safety approach, that is, preventing UNSAFE ACTIONS.

With this approach, Çimsa performs worldwide accepted works on occupational health and safety for infrastructure, documentation and applications to achieve the target of zero accident.

In addition, it endeavors to raise consciousness among its employees on Occupational Health and Safety by implementing projects, applications and continuous training programs which it developed to increase awareness in Occupational Health and Safety.

All works carried out, all decisions taken and the operational responsibility for Occupational Health and Safety to increase the awareness on Occupational Health and Safety are represented at the topmost level of the company. Opening speech in all internal meetings is always Occupational Health and Safety.

Occupational Health and Safety works are managed within the frame of OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System complying with TS 18001 standard in order to elevate occupational safety awareness, control company's Occupational Health and Safety risks, improve its performance, create a healthy and safe work environment, and to define conditions to be met in order to avoid work accidents and occupational diseases.

Complying with Occupational Health and Safety instructions, informing about all kinds of work accidents, risky situations and near-miss cases is the primary task of all employees. The most effective means to achieve the targets are systematic morning supervisions, notified near-misses and the Occupational Health and Safety programs which were put into force to allow the employees to internalize Occupational Health and Safety rules.


To increase Occupational Health and Safety awareness and create better working conditions in Çimsa, Green and Safe Plant Project was put into practice.

Work accidents are divided into three categories according to the place of occurrence, namely, ‘In-plant, In-traffic, In-site'. Our aim is to achieve the task by solving primarily the unsuitable and unsafe environment problems and then solving the unsafe behaviors.

"Green and Safe Plant" Approach in Çimsa:

ÇİMSA is the most reliable and green one among all READY-MIXED CONCRETE facilities in the subject of occupational health with its quality and reliable and continuous production adding value to its customers, its employees, business partners and all parts of the society, with its plants that comply with the environment and legal procedures, respecting the nature, reaching targets above the standards, with its role model vehicles and drivers obeying traffic rules.

Green and Reliable Plants:

  • They are reliable (risk and hazard free for employees),
  • They are eco-friendly,
  • They leave a positive influence on the customer,
  • They make the product and service different,
  • They ensure competitive advantage,
  • They conform to legal procedures,
  • They provide highest level of quality and standards,
  • They are clean, tidy and orderly,
  • They respect the nature,
  • They contribute in corporate culture/climate,
  • They obey traffic rules and are respectful to humans and traffic,
  • They avoid accidents and are not involved in accidents,
  • They have model vehicles and drivers.


Çimsa has delivered an outstanding success in the Blue Helmet Occupational Safety Competition in 2013 and 2010 organized by TURKISH READY-MIXED CONCRETE ASSOCIATION to prevent work accidents, to inform and encourage ready-mixed concrete sector with regard to occupational safety, and to measure the adequacy of the plants.

In 2013 with its four ready-mixed concrete plants across the country, Çimsa participated in the Blue Helmet Occupational Safety Competition which awards outstanding plants in the field of occupational health and safety. Çimsa's Tece Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant placed on the first rank with full 100 points over 100, Aksaray Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant placed on the second rank with 99 points and Pamukova and Misis Ready-Mixed Concrete Plants became the third with 98 points.

Blue Helmet Occupational Safety Award Winning Çimsa Plants

Blue Helmet Awards - 2013

  3. PAMUKOVA READY-MIXED CONCRETE PLANT and MISIS READY-MIXED CONCRETE PLANT shared the third rank with the same points.

Blue Helmet Awards - 2010

  2. ZEYTİNLİ READY-MIXED CONCRETE PLANT shared the second rank with another company.
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