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Ready Mixed Central Dispatch

Smooth and reliable shipment in the ready-mixed concrete sector is as important as quality and other factors. Çimsa Ready-Mixed Concrete aims to add a different point of view and value to the ready-mixed shipment in Turkey.

Çimsa Ready-Mixed Concrete considered a professionally planned rather than an amateur operation, systematically recordable, computer and software-assisted shipment planning as an obligation and switched to a computer-based central shipment system in its ready-mixed concrete facilities in Mersin and Adana region as of June 2009.

Çimsa Ready Mixed Concrete Central Dispatch System includes numerous elements which create difference such as competent and adequate number of personnel, vehicle tracking systems, communication network and computer-based shipment planning program.

Offering a much more complex shipment planning opportunity instead of facility-based calculations and shipments in conventional shipment plans, the Central Shipment System’s greatest advantage from the viewpoint of Çimsa's ultimate customers' is that its operation is not based on a single plant and limited number of means and equipment. Çimsa's Ready-Mixed Concrete Customers are able to procure the services they need from the ready-mixed concrete facilities, means and equipment at different locations of Çimsa.

In addition to Çimsa Central Dispatch System, which is the first in the Turkish Ready-Mixed Concrete sector, another first in the country, advance order receiving service via the short message (SMS) compatible with mobile phones was put into service in July 2011. All concrete orders can be received via telephone, telefax and short messages.

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