Cement Research and Application Center


As one of the few producers in special cements in the world, Çimsa offers innovation and customer support services in international standards.

Adding R&D and innovation works in the foundations of its operations, Çimsa has a model application in this field for the cement sector. The first and only Cement Research and Application Center in Turkey was opened in Mersin in 2000. R&D works are carried out at this center. Building chemicals, prefabricated and ready-mixed concrete sectors are supported under R&D operations.

The Cement Research and Application Center, which is highly knowledgeable and skilled in the cement product and also in every field of where cement is used, has three basic functions.

The basic function is to prepare new product development programs that are highly profitable and capable to create difference in both cement sector and also among end users, and to finalize such works through production, marketing and quality units. Second basic function is Sales support services.  Cement Application Center offers both laboratory support to Çimsa customers in and out of the country and also visits them at their premises in person to improve its customers' productions. The third function is to create added value for development of the market. Çimsa products are explained to practitioners in this field and also new areas of use are being developed.

New Product Development Activities

Çimsa Cement Research and Application Center’s product development activities are shaped on two foundations. Primary aim of Çimsa in this field is to develop pioneering cement types in the world, thus elevate company's worldwide prestige and also add highly profitable products to its portfolio. Within the framework of these works, Self-cleaning White Cement and the Antibacterial White Cement which was manufactured for the first time in the world were developed in the last two years. The other basic aim in the subject of innovation is to support customers in making special products by using Çimsa products. Some of the innovative products developed for Çimsa customers are: white concrete traverse, white cement-based pumice production, ISIDAÇ-40-based tile.

Customer Support Activities

Çimsa Cement Research and Application Center teams make scheduled visits within the scope of sales support activities to not only white cement users but also to grey cement and ISIDAÇ-40 users in order to brief them about cement products.

Technical Marketing Operations

Çimsa Cement Research and Application Center supports marketing of Çimsa products and giving information about special products in the domestic and foreign markets since its establishment. Within this scope, it arranges regional or customer-based seminars, and participates to many activities such as technical trainings, symposiums and congresses. Technical trainings for Çimsa sales team, both academic and sectoral-based organizations for the architects are important examples of technical marketing support offered by Research and Application Center.

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