Modern Plant for Afyon Çimento


Carrying out its activities within the body of ÇİMSA, one of Turkey's eminent cement and building materials producers, Afyon Çimento will maintain its activities in its factory which will be newly built in Halımoru Village and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.

Having created a distinguished name in the cement and building materials industry with its experience more than 40 years and wide product range, ÇİMSA invests in Afyon Çimento, which it achieved in 2012, to establish a modern and contemporary facility.

Stating that they have completed their investment plans to establish a new and modern factory within the scope of 'Moving and Modernization of Afyon Çimento Factory' Project, Mutlu Doğruöz, General Manager of Afyon Çimento , said: "Our Board of Management decided to move our Afyon Çimento Factory to a modern production facility in Halımoru Village to equip the factory with state-of-the-art technologies and make our production more efficient."

Admitting that the facility which had been inaugurated in 1957 and which, after capacity increase and modernization investments, reached a production capacity of 450,000 tons of clinker and 550,000 tons of grounding annually, Doğruöz stated that they are planning to launch the new factory that will be established with an investment of nearly 150 million dollars in early 2016.

Doğruöz emphasized that Afyon Çimento would carry on its activities to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level and to produce quality and reliable products complying with standards as it has always done so far.

In accordance with the article 9 of ÇED Regulation (Environmental Impact Assessment), a "Public Participation Meeting" was held on July 16 to inform the public and to get their views and suggestions for the mentioned project.


ÇİMSA, one of the leading companies of Turkish industry, was founded in 1972. Currently ÇİMSA is carrying out its operations with its 5 integrated factories in Mersin, Eskisehir, Kayseri, Nigde and Afyonkarahisar, a grinding facility in Ankara, Cement Packaging facility in Marmara Rota Port and Cement Packaging facility in Malatya.

Being one of the top three brands in the field of white cement globally, ÇİMSA is an international cement manufacturer with its terminals located in Hamburg (Germany), Trieste (Italy), Sevilla and Alicante (Spain), Famagusta (TRNC), Constanza (Romania) and Novorossiysk’de (Russia).

ÇİMSA meets the product and service needs of its customers completely and in time with its market-oriented approach and broad distribution network. As a reliable business partner of its shareholders, Çimsa provides the necessary materials for living areas, and their infrastructures, which will extend to next generations.

ÇİMSA is also leading the Turkish cement and construction materials industry in terms of innovation with its special products such as white cement and calcium aluminate cement which it produces in addition to grey cement.

ÇİMSA focuses on profitable growth that will add value to all its shareholders, with the aim of maintaining this approach in the future as well.

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