ÇİMSA increased its sales by 10% in the third quarter compared to last year's same period and earned 51 million TL profit


Putting its mark on distinguished works in the cement and building materials industry for more than 40 years, ÇİMSA's turnover for the third quarter of the year is 270 million by 10% increase compared to last year and it made a profit of 51 million TL. ÇİMSA's turnover for 9 months increased to 739 million TL and its investment expenses reached 40 million TL in the same period.

Adding an innovative point of view to the Turkish cement sector with its special products such as white cement and calcium aluminate cement which it produces in addition to grey cement, ÇİMSA is among the first three companies in the field of white cement in the world.

Çimsa becomes the first Turkish company joining CSI

Emphasizing that ÇİMSA, as an important player of the sector, has undertaken responsibility for a more livable world,  Hacıkamiloğlu said that as of 3rd quarter, within this scope, they also ranked as the first Turkish company which has joined Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) that has been carrying on extensive works in the subject of sustainable development in the sector:

“Turkish cement sector is rapidly increasing its environmentalist investments. We, as ÇİMSA, are working decisively to integrate sustainability to our company's functions in every stage. Thanks to these works of ours, we are granted the membership of CSI, which is an important platform in the subject of sustainability. This, from the sector's dynamics point of view, is a significant and pioneering step in terms of sustainability. As a part of the CSI, which works with a conscious that understanding and managing the sustainability subjects correctly is a prerequisite for growth in the sector, we will take firm steps towards the sustainable future." We will act in line with the awareness of our responsibility for the future also just like today to create the living areas and infrastructure which the future generations will need.”

About Çimsa

Çimsa, one of the leading companies of Turkish industry, was founded in 1972. Currently Çimsa is carrying out its operations with its 5 integrated factories in Mersin, Eskisehir, Kayseri, Nigde and Afyonkarahisar, a grinding facility in Ankara, Marmara terminal and Cement Packaging facility in Malatya.

Being one of the top three brands in the field of white cement, Çimsa is an international cement manufacturer with its terminals located in Hamburg (Germany), Trieste (Italy), Sevilla and Alicante (Spain), Famagusta (TRNC), Constanza (Romania) and Novorossiysk’de (Russia).

Çimsa meets the product and service needs of its customers completely and in time with its market-oriented approach and broad distribution network. As a reliable business partner of its shareholders, Çimsa provides the necessary materials for living areas, and their infrastructures, which will extend to next generations.

Çimsa is also leading the Turkish cement and construction materials industry in terms of innovation with its special products such as white cement and calcium aluminate cement which it produces in addition to grey cement.

Çimsa focuses on profitable growth that will add value to all its shareholders, with the aim of maintaining this approach in the future as well.

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